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What Experts Are Saying About Boom Med Global...

Dr. Richard Nazar   Neurosurgeon, FLENI

Even though I am in the OR I feel I should connect with my patients. The concepts I have learned through Boom Med have made me better able to do so. It especially helped me put aside my concern for the accuracy of the patient-acquired information. In fact, I appreciate their involvement.

Juan Lucino   Attorney-at-Law

(photos are actor portrayals)
From a legal point of view, the ideas of Boom Med are very important for doctors by helping them understand their patients better. Patients will then trust their doctors and be grateful for their skills. This redefined relationship surely will significantly lower possible legal actions against physicians.

About Us

Boom Med Global conducts research and offers training and other services to address two pressing issues facing doctors: incorporating media into medicine; closing the gap between the quality of public and private care. Both would improve the practice of medicine by creating more efficient action towards cure. Behind Boom Med's work and vision lie the ideas that physicians are social benefactors and practicing medicine is a calling. We are dedicated to training doctors who will bring this understanding to their relations with patients. When doctors face a biomedia knowledgeable patient, we understand the challenge but see opportunity for improving care and patient satisfaction. Move with us!

Meet the Founders

Carolina Borth

Set to complete (2015) her medical degree in neuroscience at Argentina’s Austral University, the nation’s leading private medical school, Ms. Borth recently completed a year internship at Fleni, recognized as one of the world’s top neurology institutes. There she assisted with patient rehabilitation, which sparked her interest and research on the relationship between behavior and neurodevelopment. She continually keeps up with research on neurological development with regular visits to the National Institutes of Health as an independent researcher. She also led the development of a private fund focused on investments in cutting-edge research and technology for use as cost-effective resources in medicine.

Sean P. Sylve

Since first becoming involved in health through non-profit organizations that focused on infectious disease, Mr. Sylve has been at the forefront of researching methods to best utilize media and technology within our healthcare system. He has also published an article and held training workshops for ways medical professionals can improve the patient-doctor interaction with younger patients. He is set to complete his public health sciences degree at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, in 2016.